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July 22, 2015
Chia seeds are small dark seeds from the plant Salvia Hispanica, which is identified with mint. This plant gows locally in South America. Chia seeds were an essential food for the Aztecs and Mayans some time ago. They prized them for their capacity to give economical vitality … indeed, "chia" is the antiquated Mayan word for "quality." 

Notwithstanding their old history as a dietary staple, just as of late did chia seeds get to be perceived as a nutrient rich superfood. In the previous couple of years, they have blasted in popularity and are presently devoured by celebrities and health freaks throughout the world.

Antioxidant rich

Another reason why chia seeds are famous is because of high measure of cancer prevention agents. These cancer prevention agents secure the fats in the seeds from going foul. 

In spite of the fact that cancer prevention agent supplements are not exceptionally successful, getting cell detoxed from nourishments can  affect wellbeing. In particular, cell detox can battle the creation of free radicals, which can harm atoms in cells and add to infections like tumor. 

There are a few cases online about chia seeds having a bigger number of antioxidants than blueberries, however I was not able discover a study to confirm this case. Chia seeds for dogs is a healthy food option too.

conclusion: Chia seeds are high in cancer prevention agents that ensure the fragile fats in the seeds. They additionally have different advantages for wellbeing.